Tsavdaris vines fields Pentaplatanos Giannitsa Pella




Central Makedonia into the heart of Pella
Excellent wine is the result of all the factors associated with the cultivation of vineyards, vinification and maturation of wines. For this reason, George Tsavdaris owner and winemaker of the estate supervises the climate and the production process every day and monitors the development of the estate. With personal care and passion he produces high-quality wines that can compete with international wines and show the area of ​​Pella as a good wine-producing region.
Makedonian Vineyards
Makedonian Land of Giannitsa Pella
Greece has an enchanting landscape and subsoil, with many mountains, a few lowlands and only three big plains where a great range of native grape varieties thrive. The Mediterranean climate of our country, with the strong sunshine, the long, dry summer and the impressive alterations of water, dry lands and highlands creates the ideal circumstances for the growth and fruiting of local wine making grape varieties. The different "terroir" of wine producing regions puts its stamp on each wine's personality and offers intriguing taste complexity.
Our Vineyards
Grape growing

The cultivation of viticulture and the production of wine are identical to the history of Macedonia, its culture and its economy. Each of our vineyards is a unique micro-world that never ceases to amaze and motivate us. That is what makes our world go round.
Organic cultivation method
Plant Protection
Plant protection against diseases and insects affecting vine plants must be carried out with the help of certain approved microbial preparations and beneficial insects, which combat the enemies of the vine.